Wahsure is a professional wiring accessories supplier and cable ties manufacturer in China.

Can Wahsure provide certificate of origin for spiral wrap?
Yes, YUEQING HUIHUA ELECTRONIC CO., LTD has obtained a certificate of origin for spiral wrap. It is a must for us to conduct international trade transactions. The C/O proves that our product has met certain criteria to be considered as originating in China. The certificate is issued by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, which includes the product category, application range, as well as company information. With the certificate, we are able to settle up for the goods, and seek compensation.
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Wahsure is a professional manufacturing service and product development company in China. Our main product is tie wraps. cable clips produced by Wahsure is very popular in the market. Wahsure electrical wiring and accessories requires to be manufactured in a favorable environment and equipment. Because the optical core is hard to cut in good shape, it needs to be cut in a vacuum environment and profession cutting machine. The product is featured by the first - class quality and stable performance.
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